A Dancers Life

Those of you who have either been in dance (or even figure skating) or have a daughter, sister, niece or grand daughter in it know exactly what I mean when I say “Studio Dance Portraits” Now don’t get your panties in a bunch here when I say they are not my favourite and I sure most of you will agree. Yes, there is a purpose for them to remember that dance seasons costume and the fun people that were in your class but lets face it….they are BORING!!!!

Thats where the inspiration for this session came from. The mom of these two beautiful and talented young ladies wanted something different, something unique to show case how amazingly in love her daughters are with this sport. So naturally a meeting with me was required (pat on the back here).

Let me introduce you all to Victoria and Emily! This session took place one weekday evening at Hamilton’s Dundurn Castle. The girls were told to be free, move how you want to and I will stand back and capture the magic! I have to admit I didn’t know the human body could be moved in a such a manner as these two showed off their moves but it made for beautifully artistic shots (which I love)

So please enjoy more from this session. It was really hard for me not to put al 138 photos in here…trust me it was really hard 🙂

Yours in blog & photog,



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