Heather & Edge

This past year has been one full of weddings. I know your sitting there thinking “well duh, your a wedding photographer!” Besides the fact that I do my passion for a living, this year has been full of weddings for my family. My brother got married on my birthday, my mom got married next and then my dad followed in after and got married in the summer. All I needed to complete this family affair was for my sister to get married….I won’t hold my breath for that one lol

So because the day my mom and her beau, Edge, said their “i do’s” was pouring down rain we were unable to get any shots outside. I told them when the nicer weather comes around I will take them out and we will do a session as their “wedding photos” It was this or nothing as they didn’t take me on their honeymoon which would have provided for beautiful photos…but Ill forgive them.

The day finally came that I was able to get out and see them in Burlington and head to the ever beautiful  Paletta Mansion. We couldn’t have asked for better weather this evening and my mission was for these two to have fun. We shared a lot of laughs and jokes and I would now like to share some of my favourites from their session.

Mom and Edge, I wish you both a life time of happiness and may you always remember to laugh with one another. Love you!

Yours in blog & photog,



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The Howard Family

More often than none I get a mom that really wants family photos done but is nervous that their little one won’t cooperate. I mean I totally get it. Your investing in this session with not only money but time as well and we all want our little ones to act exactly how we see it in our head. But lets face it, those of us that have little toots know all too well things never goes as planned.

Brittany was one of those moms, telling me her little guy Brady is one fast little man. She was not kidding, that boy is fast….but CUTE!!!!!! So I told Brittany what I tell all my moms. We will pick a spot with lots of things for them to see and do. It will be more of a candid style session than a posed one (who likes those any ways?) The more they can do the happier they are, and that was just the case for Mr Brady.

He kept me on my toes but our session was great. It was filled with hugs, kisses, laughter and lots of running! The best news was that Brittany had told me her photos brought her to tears when she got to see her gallery. Mission accomplished!

So to all my future clients who also worry about their little munchkins being on the move. Don’t sweat it, worst case scenario is that I get a lot of bum shots..those are cute too 😉

Yours in blog & photog,



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Meet the Wilkinson’s

Todays blog post is all about breaking the cycle of the “UGH Family photos!” thought process. We’ve all seen it and or done it ourselves and in part its due to the last time you probably had family photos done it took place in a studio, with a fuzzy rug carpet thing and a blue backdrop. You were forced to do awkward poses and give your cheesiest smile ever!

This my friends is exactly what the Wilkinson’s (and their significant others) thought was in store for them. Little did they know I am a totally awesome chick that likes to have fun on her sessions and break all the rules! I want you to laugh, make fun of each other (in a sibling loving type of way) and most of all relax.

Yes I will put you in groups or “poses” but I don’t want you to stay that way. I want to move, hold hands, put your arm around your partner but most of all LAUGH! I want you to LAUGH! I believe that once the ball got rolling this bunch quickly realized “This ain’t your typical family photos” We were all laughing and having a good time and I even got the long term couple to be romantic again!

All in all this was a great session, in a wonderful location, McMaster University, with an awesome group of people and the weather was just right.

Yours in blog & Photog,



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Dear Logan,

This post is being dedicated to my son this morning. Today we both start a new adventure and although it may not be together, its exciting, scary and new for the both of us! Today is his FIRST day of DAYCARE!! *dah, dah, DAAAAHHH!*

I have been fortunate that I have been able to spend the first year and a half of Logan’s life with him. Watching him grow, learn new things, getting on my nerves and develop into the most charismatic little man ever. But with my business growing just as fast as he is this momma is finding it harder and harder to be able to get work done and keep up with the demand. Thats where the decision for daycare (only 2 days a week) came into play. It was something my husband and I have been discussing for a while, weighing in the pros and cons (pros being the heavier side) and decided it was now time.

I believe all parents go through the same emotions both my husband and I are going through right now. I will admit I am the “stronger” of the two but that doesn’t mean its still not hard for me as well. I try and keep all the positives about this decision floating at the top knowing that this is by far the best thing for our dude right now.


I would like to share this letter with all of you as I am sure there are many moms and dads out there that feel the same way as we do. I will be the first to admit that the tears did fall as I wrote it but thats par for the course.

Dear Logan,

Today is a very exciting day for you and me (dad too). Its a day where new friends are being made, both big and small. Its a day where new freedoms are found and our independence is tested. Its a day to be proud about. This is a big step in your life and you will handle it like the little champ you are!

Daycare is the first step towards an amazing education that we are fortunate to be able to provide for you. Your teachers can teach you things that mommy and daddy cannot and for that we are a grateful. You will learn how to share, because at home you currently don’t have to. You will learn to wait your turn and the art of patience. New things will come your way every day and you will adjust…this I promise!!

I know that today will be hard on both you and I. I heard you cry as I left the building when you realized I was no longer standing behind you. Take comfort my little man in knowing that you can be consoled by the wonderful people helping mom and dad help you grow. Much like us they are there to instil the same morals and values and make sure that no harm comes your way.

As I sit here in our home that is much too quiet for my liking, know that mommy is missing you to. But as I said this was good for you its good for me to. I need this to be able to continue to provide for our family. Its only 2 days a week my little boy, but it will make a big difference in our relationship. I will miss more and hug you tighter (if thats even possible) and I will be so excited for you to show me all the wonderful things you are doing at daycare.

Each day will become a little easier and pretty soon you will be running towards that gate to see your friends. All those little people you are with while there have moms and dads that are working to. So rest assured that this is normal for little boys and girls to have a little time without their parents. I want you to have fun, come home dirty (not too dirty) and greet us with your wonderful hugs when we come to pick you.


I hope you realize down the road how wonderful this experience is. You will become stronger, smarter and more independent and before we know it you will be off to big boy school (we aren’t rushing that part)

So my dear Logan, make new friends and learn new things and when the day is done and we pick you up know that we will be even more excited for our cuddles on the couch as we watch Ellen!

Love you a lot a lot,

Mom ❤ (and dad)


Yours in blog and Photog,



Julie & Greg

Im not even sure where to start for this blog post. There is so much I want to say about Julie and Greg but every time I try and write it down it never seems to come out right. So bare with me if this seems to be all over the place.

If you remember their engagement session you would probably think of one very good looking couple and Julie being the brave woman she is wearing 6 inch heels in the middle of the forest! I totally admire the fearlessness she has. What else I admire about Julie and Greg as a couple??? Their 110% complete devotion and love they show for one another.

There is no doubt in my mind at all that the love they share runs deeper than any ocean here on earth. (I told you bare with me lol) The way Greg can just look at Julie and get the most genuine smile is something truly beautiful.

Their wedding day may have been the hottest day we had all summer (and they got married on September 5th lol) but it was nothing short of breath taking. With an intimate and heartfelt ceremony, to a reception full of laughter and love, Julie and Greg certainly surrounded them selves with wonderful people who love them very much.

I will say that one of my favourite moments of their day was when I was getting ready to leave and knew I would be missing their first dance. It was a horrible thunderstorm outside but their reception space at the Ancaster Mill provided them with a covered porch. I asked the few people out on the porch to head inside for a few minutes and I brought Julie and Greg outside with me. There I asked them to have a moment with just the two of them and have their “first dance” It was here that I was able to let them relax and enjoy some one on one time (something most people do not get on their wedding day) and capture some beautiful moments, one of the best one was through a window with the candle light flickering in the foreground.

Now I bet you want to see these pics right? Well here they are! Congrats Julie and Greg and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

Yours in blog & photog,



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A Dancers Life

Those of you who have either been in dance (or even figure skating) or have a daughter, sister, niece or grand daughter in it know exactly what I mean when I say “Studio Dance Portraits” Now don’t get your panties in a bunch here when I say they are not my favourite and I sure most of you will agree. Yes, there is a purpose for them to remember that dance seasons costume and the fun people that were in your class but lets face it….they are BORING!!!!

Thats where the inspiration for this session came from. The mom of these two beautiful and talented young ladies wanted something different, something unique to show case how amazingly in love her daughters are with this sport. So naturally a meeting with me was required (pat on the back here).

Let me introduce you all to Victoria and Emily! This session took place one weekday evening at Hamilton’s Dundurn Castle. The girls were told to be free, move how you want to and I will stand back and capture the magic! I have to admit I didn’t know the human body could be moved in a such a manner as these two showed off their moves but it made for beautifully artistic shots (which I love)

So please enjoy more from this session. It was really hard for me not to put al 138 photos in here…trust me it was really hard 🙂

Yours in blog & photog,



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Sunny Acres Farm

For those of you who frequent my blog I am sure you have seen a few sessions I have posted where we are at a Dairy Farm. This spot has become one of my favourite locations to shoot at and I couldn’t be more grateful to the amazing Green Family that owns and runs the farm for allowing me an all access pass when I have a session there.

To show them my appreciation I offered them a free session of me following around all 8 grandchildren through the farm property. I have to say though I was shocked the day of the session when I pulled up the lane way to find a “for Sale” sign in front. This farm has been in the family for over 40 years and they told me its just time to down size 😦 *insert tears here*

Wendy, the loving grandma to all 8 grand kids, had one very special request before we let the grand kids loose….if I could get a photo of each family standing in front of the Sunny Acres Farm sign that sits proud on the front field of the farm. I would be lying if I told you while editing these photos I didn’t get a little teary eyed. Its not even my farm and I love it so much I can’t even image how they feel.

So on a happier note I would like to share with you all this amazing family session filled with love, smiles, silly faces and of course one of my favourite parts…..COWS!!!! I almost forgot to mention the guest of honour….Apple Jack the 3 month old calf….seriously I was so smitten with this little lady  I wanted to take her home with me.

Yours in blog & photog,



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