Growing too fast….

It goes without saying that every mother, dads too, feel that their children grow up way too fast. We are exactly one week to the date of celebrating our little guys first birthday. FIRST BIRTHDAY!? Really? ALREADY?!?!?! Seriously where did the time go?

A year ago this weekend I was as big as a whale and about to shoot a 12 hour wedding…yes you read that correctly. I was 8.5 months pregnant and I still shot a 12 hour wedding…longest day of my life :)

As my little man grows I have been very diligent on capturing photos at every month and any little events in-between. Its crazy to see where they started and how much they are changing on a monthly basis. This past wednesday proved to be another one of those “Really? Its time for this already?” moments and the camera was not going to miss it.

My “dude” as our family lovingly calls him was headed off to his first hair cut this week. Daddy was not to sure as he really liked the little hockey head he was growing. His hair is a beautiful golden shade of blonde with these cute little curled ends and wings over his ears. Super cute right? So why I was I cutting them off? Its not so much that I wanted to cut them off but he had a serious case of “mop top” happening and I wanted it cleaned up for his birthday party. My sister and I loaded Dude up in the car and headed to KML Studios, so conveniently relocated to just around the corner from us :)

We were greeted at the door by his personal hairstylist, Krystal. We took off his coat and let him adjust to his environment a little. Krystal showed him the super cool Mickey Mouse Cape. He liked it when she was holding it but not so much when she went to put it on him. So Auntie Dana gladly picked him and sat in the chair with him for this adventure.

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Your such a big boy and your not even one yet :(


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Some times you have to get a little creative with helping a little one settle. He was unsure of things happening behind him that he couldn’t see, so I did what any mom would do and grabbed a sucker lol (no he has never had one before so this was a big treat)

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Even Krystal had to get creative with how she was going to cut his hair!


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All cleaned up and looking like a rock star!!

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I have to admit for not knowing what was really happening around him he did a really great job at being my brave little man. No crying, a little squirming but all in all he was still his happy little self at the end. I can’t believe your going to be 1 years old next week….what am I going to do?

Id like to give a BIG thank you to KML Studios for allowing me to photograph this milestone in Logans life and especially to Krystal for giving him the coolest hair cut ever!

Feel free to stop in at KML and enjoy their services and sparkling new location!


Yours in blog & photog,


Alicia & Jason’s E session

From the very first email Alicia sent to me inquiring about my wedding photography I knew I liked her. I mean we do share the most fabulous first name ever!!! To my surprise when I met her in person we had even more than just our first names in common….she was a GINGER, just like me! Now thats a bonding moment right there :)

Alicia and Jason by far are one of the sweetest couples I have ever photographed and by spending 2 sessions with them…yes 2 I got to know this couple a little better. 

We set out for their first session back in Burlington at a place where they had their first date. Super fab location and loved the nostalgic feel it gave them when we started the session. I will say I was a little nervous at this location, which I will say doesn’t happen very often with me. I am pretty good a just going with the flow but something was telling me that the super bright sun, ultra reflectiveness of the water AND snow that this session was going to be tricky…..well readers, I was right. When I got home and uploaded my images I quickly realized that I was not in love with this session, and if I am not happy with it then I cannot expect my clients to be either. I edited what images I felt I could save and uploaded their viewing gallery with a email stating that I was not happy with them and would love an opportunity to give them another session. Now this could have gone one of two ways. One, they could say “Well if you can’t adapt and make it work then we are not sure we want you as a photographer” or two, “Thank you so much for the offer. We are happy you recognized that this was not what we wanted and would be happy to meet you for another session”

Number two was exactly what we did. We met at a whole new location, this one much more private. I learned how connected these two really are. Another very windy day Jason did not hesitate to continue to sweep the hair from Alicia’s face, or keep her hands warm while they had a little moment on a picnic table. Its couples like this that really make me love my job.

Alicia and Jason I am happy to announce my love for this second session and hope that you feel the same way. I am so excited for your big day this summer and looking forward to working with you both again.

Yours in blog & photog,


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Jessica & Brock E Session

I am going to apologize in advance for the largeness of this post. I knew I had a great E session with Jessica and Brock this passed weekend but I had no idea almost every other photo was going to be filled with this much gorgeousness.

I know Jessica a few different ways I guess you could say :) Her niece was my first newborn ever that I photographed. I did a family session with her and her siblings last fall and I will be the photographer at her brothers wedding this coming June. I guess you could say this family really has my back :)

I was hoping for a beautiful day like we had on saturday for their session and though the morning looked a little grey the afternoon shaped up to be amazing! We started off at Brock’s uncles place who has a private skating rink in his back yard…yes you read that his back yard! If thats not amazing how about a professional locker room right off the rink to put your skates on in the warmth?! Once we finished up with some family shots of Jessica, Brock and their son Deacon we headed out to Brocks grandmothers old house.

Not going to lie I fell in love with this location as well. The sun came out to play and so did the cows and horses form the nearby farm. It was hilarious to watch them follow and watch everything we did.

Brock and Jessica, you two are super sweet and I want to thank you both for allowing me to capture this moment for you. I wish you all the best at your Las Vegas wedding this august and if you want to put me in your suitcase to be your photographer just let me know :)

Here are some of my fans,

Yours in blog & photog,


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Heather & Steve’s E session

I would like to introduce all of you to a super sweet couple. I met Heather last year when I was 9 months pregnant and the photographer at her best friends wedding. I guess I made a good impression because when Steve popped the question to Heather they picked their wedding date based on my availability! Talk about being flattered!

The day of their e session was beautiful, at least from inside the house. It was super windy and cold! Instead of rebooking Heather and Steve decided to go for it and whatever happens, happens. The three of us headed out to the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersol, ON. My husband and I had gone there last winter for a weekend getaway and I fell love with the building and property.

Once we got there and moved to the back of the building we quickly realized that we didn’t fully think through our plan of getting to our locations. The snow was literally up to our knees! Steve being the gentleman that he is, took all of our bags, the blankets and even the little sled and made a path for Heather and I to follow in. Heather you picked a good one :)

We soon found out that even though it was tricky getting down there, there was literally no wind!! Oh happy day :)

Heather and Steve, thank you so much for making me laugh, carrying my crazy heavy camera bag and being such wonderful trusting clients. I am so excited for the second half of your E session and to document the biggest day of your lives this summer! Hope you were able to get warm!

Ive included some of my favourite shots for you to enjoy.

Yours in blog & photog,


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Ill sleep if I want to!

My most recent cake smash was probably one I will never forget. Blake showed up ready to go. He was full of smiles, walking, crawling and falling all over the place. A very happy little guy who is about to celebrate his 1st birthday.

Because Blake has been living the farmers life mom had him all decked out in jean overalls, a super cute plaid button up shirt and of course a John Deer Tractor fitted with lights and all. Once we got the before cake photos out of the way it was time for Blake to put on his uber cute cake smash outfit made by the oh so talented Itzy Bitzy Glitzy here in Brantford. Thats when the session took a slight left turn.

Blake was not feeling the tie, diaper cover or hat mom had made with all tractors on it. A slight melt down occurred which lead to Blake having a nap…..or a full on SLEEP! Yes thats right, Mr.B would not wake up for anything! Not by tickling his toes, blowing in his ears or even the taste of CAKE!!

So what do you do in a situation like this? As a photographer and mother myself you have to learn to roll with the punches and make the best of the situation. With moms permission we placed Blake back into the set and staged it to look as if he passed out before his cake. I must say not only did the photographs turn out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself, the family had an untouched cake they got to take home and enjoy and I had NO LAUNDRY!!! Score for everyone!

So parents, don’t worry if your little one doesn’t do exactly what you had planned for them to do. Let them be kids, roll with the punches and you may just get something that no one else does :)

Check out some of my favourites from this session.

Yours in blog & photog,


For more information on the accessories please check out

Props (Crates) Provided by KJ & Co Event Planning and Vintage Rentals

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Why having your photographer do your wedding album is a GOOD idea.

I am sure all of us in the industry have heard this before “Can I just have a quote not including an album done by you? I would really like to do it myself.” Now before I get started with this let me first say that I LOVE to do things myself. I am creative and sometimes feel that I can do a better job than someone else…ok maybe its a redhead thing or even a girl thing, my point is I have said this before to similar situations. I then later realized that maybe mine might have turned out some what of how I planned but the time, sometimes hassle, and even money that maybe just paying that extra to have the EXPERT do it I might enjoy it that much more.

That brings me to the point of this blog. I, like many of my photographer friends offer packages and included in these packages are albums. Now there are different forms of albums, parent, bride & groom, guest etc and there are so many companies offering different styles, binding and cover options that it can be hard to keep up. I know myself personally there was a specific look I was going for in terms of the product used and I searched high and low until I found a company that I liked. I spent 4 hours, yes you read that correctly, 4 hours in the show room of GTA Imaging, in Toronto. My girlfriend and I went over every product they offered with a fine tooth comb and asked their staff any question we could think of in terms of what they offered. Based on that visit I decided that they were the company that I wished to use for my clients. They are exclusive to photographers and offer the best prices by far, but for me the best part was that they are Canadian :)

Now during a bridal consultation I like to show my clients the product and let it speak for it self. Let them hold it, feel the quality of the papers used, and let them envision their wedding photos grace the pages. So why are couples still choosing to take product out of their packages? Maybe its the price point, some of these albums and other products can be quite costly, I will be the first to admit that, however this is the album that represents the BIGGEST day of your lives. Wouldn’t you want something so wonderfully displayed, put together with care and laid out in a manner that tells the story of your wedding day so beautifully? Maybe you think you will enjoy playing with layout options, background colours and wording. Who am I to say you won’t? I have heard people say before that when they went to do their wedding album they had no idea the time, patience and even money that goes into them.

So while you are sitting there thinking of the reasons why people would like to remove such items from their wedding packages let me explain to you why its beneficial for you to let an expert take care of it.

#1. By purchasing a Wedding PACKAGE the photographer has grouped together their time, product and artistic vision with a price point that benefits them and their potential clients. You will be receiving your product at a greatly discounted price instead of purchasing some at a later date.

#2. You don’t have to sit for hours grouping together photos and laying them out page by page ensuring that each one is perfect, thats what you paid your photographer to do.

#3. Your photographer has the proper software, tools and training allowing them the expertise to showcase your photos.

#4. They have access to companies and product that not everyone does, there for providing you with a custom product.

#5. Who better to design your album, thank you cards or prints than the person who was with you all day photographing these events as they unfolded? They were there for the emotional first kiss, that look your father gave you right before you walked down the aisle, and that incredible mother-son dance that had everyone on their feet.

You see, I am only five points in and already its making sense to you isn’t it? Yes you may be spending a little more money than you had planned but lets be honest here….were you really going to go through all 300 photos and put together an album? Were you really going to make your own thank you cards or buy ones from the Hallmark Store? How long will you let you mother nag you about getting her an album of your wedding day? Let us handle it :) We offer it to you for a reason.

So sit back, put your feet up, enjoy a hockey game or two and let your photographer make you the best memory keepsake out there. All you have to do is open it and enjoy :)

Below you will find some of the product I offer my clients.

Yours in Blog & Photog,


Parent Albums (Coffee Table Book with Dust cover)

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Bride & Groom Album (Fine Art, Lay Flat Album)

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Seamless page spreads allowing full photos on both pages.

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Beautiful sister + yummy lighting = excuse to shoot :)

Its been about a week since my last session and to be honest thats WAY too long not to have my camera in my hand. As much as I LOVE taking photos of my son (trust me I have a million) I wanted a little grown up interaction. Both my engagement sessions for the weekend had to be rebooked so when my sister stopped by after her classes it was photo shoot time.

She touched up her makeup and I asked her to meet me in my front room, or my “studio” for all my clients out there :) You see, this room gets the BEST and I mean the BEST lighting EVER!!! I am never let down when I shoot here.

So you see when you have a beautiful model (or sister in my case) a room with delicious lighting there is no reason why you can’t do a mini (10 minutes to be exact) photo shoot. As you can see you can get some great shots in a small amount of time.

Hope you enjoy some of my favourites from my little session yesterday,

Yours in blog & photog,


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The bigger Picture

Rather than blogging of a recent session (which to some degree this is) I thought I would reflect on how my life has changed drastically in the last 9 months. For those of you who don’t know me, my husband and I became parents this past April to the most wonderful little boy ever. Yeah, yeah! I know EVERYONE thinks they have the most amazing child and with good reason, but this little boy, this one right here…now he’s the cat’s meow!


We’ve all heard it before “There is no love like the one of your own child” and “You won’t understand until you have a child of your own” You know what? Thats so very true. You don’t know what love is until you hold that miracle, YES MIRACLE in your arms for the first time. Its an emotion that no words can even describe.

I had no idea how big my heart could get as I thought between my husband, family, friends and dogs (yes my dogs are everything to me) that there wasn’t possibly enough room. Well take it from me, there is. Its almost like watching the heart of the Grinch grow when he realized what Christmas was all about…..only BIGGER!!

There is not one thing in this world that I would trade for what I have right now in this moment. I can honestly say that , YES!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!! I love the amazing people I have in it, I love and am so grateful for my wonderful husband, I love my job and everyone who believed in me and my success, but more importantly I love that little boy with all my heart and soul!

When I sit back and look at everything before me, all my dreams, hopes and wonders, I realize that those men (big and little) in that photo right there. They are MY bigger picture. This is what my life was meant to be like and I am so very thankful!

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Yours in blog and photog,