Shu Shu & Chinthaka

Some of you may remember this couples amazing E session I blogged a few weeks back. Nestled in the beautiful grounds at the Paletta House in Burlington, ON this couple couldn’t have asked for a better evening.

Well the same can be said for their wedding day. I was so excited to see Shu Shu all dolled up and in her dress. They decided to keep things very down to earth and simple, getting married in the early afternoon at the Ancaster Mill in Ancaster, ON. Surrounded by only very close friends and family, as most of their families were back home in their countries of birth (China and Sri Lanka) Shu Shu and Chin decided to walk each other down the aisle. To say that I love this idea is an understatement. I loved the feeling of the two of them taking the walk down the aisle hand in hand. They took an almost scary moment for most brides, having everyone staring at you, and chose to do it together, enjoying every second they could while being in the moment of now.

Thats what I learned by getting to know Shu Shu and Chin. Live in the now. Take each breath with feeling and purpose. I guess thats what happens when you live away from the love of your life for over a year and having to rely on modern technology like Skype and FaceTime to connect with them. They taught me not to take moments with your family for granted as it could be a very long time before you see them again and wanting them to be present at a special moment in your life is not always a possibility.

Noe speaking of Skype and Face Time its a good thing we do live in a time where this is something to enjoy. Shu Shu and Chin took a little moment out of their lunch time reception to step outside and Skype with Chinthaka’s father who was back home in Sri Lanka. Talk about amazing.

I would like to now share with all of you some of my favourite moments from their very special day.

Yours in blog & photog,


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Melissa & Kevin

Ahhhhh…the day is finally here that I get to blog this magnificent event of Melissa and Kevin! I was excited for this day the moment I met Melissa, over a year and a half ago. To say I had a blast at their engagement session is an understatement and as I drove home that evening I said to myself “This is going to be one amazing wedding!!!”

Melissa and Kevin are a very sweet couple that compliment each other very well. They met in a unconventional way, lets just say it was at a location that you would never expect to meet your future spouse ;) The way Kevin looks at Melissa is magical. He has pure love and devotion in his eyes and Melissa mirrors that back. They are not afraid to show a little PDA (which makes my job very easy) and I think if my camera could talk it would say that its in love with this couple!

I adored the details this wedding had. The key holes on the girls bouquets that matched the keys on the guys boutonnieres was such a sweet touch. Melissa’s grandfather brought his beautifully restored car and the blush pink bridesmaid dresses went perfectly with the romantic feeling. Melissa’s dress even had a hint of blush in the ruffles…..and let me tell you it was a serious dress!!!

Please fest your eyes on all that is beautiful on this very special day for an amazing couple! I wish the both of you a life time of happiness and can’t wait to watch the two of you grow through out the years!

Yours in blog & photog,


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The past few months….

Since making the ever so scary jump from part time to full time photographer I have been very fortunate to be extremely busy. While this is a very good thing and I would not want it any other way, in fact I wish I was a little more busy…is that being greedy? I have found that I haven’t been able to do photography for myself amongst all this craziness. I will be the first one to tell people “make sure you do what makes you happy” and don’t get me wrong what I am doing makes me extremely happy but sometimes I have to remember to pick up my camera and capture the moments of those who mean the world to me.

A few weeks back my husband, son and I packed up the car, loaded in the dogs and made the 3.5 hours drive to our family cottage. This is by far one of our most favourite places to be hands down. Its become even more of a favourite spot now that our son is walking, running, throwing and exploring things. Keeps us on our toes but man this kid is one smart cookie. It was here that reminded me to relax, enjoy the family time sitting right in front of me with no interruptions . Look at the beautiful weather, the gorgeous scenery and most of all my little boy having the time of his life.

These photos I am about to share with you only took 6 mins of shooting but I am in love with them. Just look at that little boy. This time last year he was sitting in the pot because he was too young to sit on his own (3 months old) and now like I mentioned before he is running, laughing and jumping all over the place. He plays in dirt, puts sticks in his mouth and runs along side his dogs. He is being in the moment enjoying each minute that passes. He is my reminder to do the same.

Yours in blog and photog,


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Brett & Kathy

Last month I had the honour of photographing another huge family event. My dad tied the knot with his lady friend Kathy. Well…I guess she is more than a lady friend :)

It was a very hot day in July but a beautiful one at that. Once the two love birds were all dressed we headed down to McMaster University with their wedding party to get the formal shots done before the ceremony. I love this idea because it gives the bride and groom a chance to be with one another before their “i do’s” and the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed!

Following McMaster we headed down to the beach to get all the family shots as well as the ones with the wee grandkids as they wouldn’t be staying too much longer after the evening ceremony.

Speaking of the ceremony if I didn’t have the important task of taking all the photos Im pretty sure I would have cried a lot more than I did. I guess it has something to do with being a daddy’s girl my entire life :)

Well, Dad and Kathy the big day has come and gone but Im hoping the memories I captured for you will live on forever. I know the dance portion of your evening will forever haunt my mind…..the pepper mill is all I have to say.

Please enjoy some of my favourite shots from their evening and don’t forget to check out the dance photos…you may wet yourself…..I know I did.

Yours in blog & photog,


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Fleming Family

The day FINALLY arrived!!! I was FINALLY going to get to spend an hour with this family!!! Ok so I guess I should explain my excited. You see Tracey booked this family session with me LAST SUMMER! Then we had to change the date as part of them could no longer make the first date. The we had to rebook AGAIN due to weather. So now into the fall we decided to go ahead with the session even though the weather was not cooperating….needless to say half way to our location I had to turn around. The weather won! Womp womp!!!

So now, right now I am happy to announce that one year later on the date we booked I was able to meet up with this uber cute family (or families I should say) and we had a blast.

We shot this session at a beautiful conservation area in Guelph called Rockwood. We started at these old ruins which Tracey told me her and her husband said their “i do’s” here 10 years ago!!! The evening was full of fresh air and a small summers breeze. The sun was my friend and provided yummy golden lighting and the turtles we found……well lets just say they were enjoying the summers eve as well ;)

So without further ado I would like to introduce the Fleming families with all their cuteness!!!

Yours in blog & photog,


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Clara’s Cake smash

Id like to introduce this little sweetie to the wonderful world called my blog :) Meet Clara, a bright blue eyed beauty who came to me all the way from Edmonton, Alberta. Ok so she didn’t just hope on a plane to do a cake smash with me but a girl can dream right?

Clara and her family came down here to attend a wedding that I happened to be photographing. She came to see me a few days later to celebrate her first birthday! Full of personality and a LOVE for everything sweet in her cake Clara sure didn’t let me down when it came to getting great shots.

Here are a few of my favourite from her little visit. Hope you all enjoy them.

Yours in blog & photog,


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Alex & Dan E Session

As I sat in the driving to this e session with Alex and Dan I casually mentioned that only 6 weeks remained until the big day, “Shut up!” Alex squealed! I guess she was more shocked about how fast it was approaching than I was. Im not worried though, I know Alex and her mom and everything will be taken care of well before the big day!

This session took place at two places I spent a lot of time at while growing up as we headed to my home town of Hamilton. We started at the Hamilton Beach by Hutches (Famous for their fish and chips and ice cream) It was a nice calm evening on the beach….that was for myself and Alex. Dan on the other hand was having a few issues…with his shoes. You see Dan is a very well dressed man. Like he dresses better than most girls I know and he likes to take care of his things. I don’t blame him, if I had nice stuff like that to I would want to keep them clean, dry and well, sand free to :) But let me tell you this guy can rock a “GQ” pose any day, and now that Alex knows what that means it will make for a great inside joke for the big day.

After ensuring that we got all the shots we wanted at the beach, and we all had sand free shoes we set off to our last location, Dundurn Castle. I had another session here the week before which allowed me to know the exact spots that caught the sunset and perfect lighting at that time of day. The building stood tall and proud and provided a beautiful backdrop for this fun loving couple.

Dan and Alex, thank you once again for the amazing session and for all the laughs along the way. I love hanging out with the two of you as there is never a dull moment….Alex! Your wedding day is going to be nothing less than spectacular and I am so excited to be a part of it!

Until then please feast your eyes on everything beautiful with this session,

Yours in blog & photog,


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Shu Shu & Chinthaka E session

As most of you know I have been on “vacation” the past week. While enjoying our family cottage with my two men I also tried to get caught up on some editing. This session was one that I was able to finish and the entire time I could not wait to write their blog post.

Now comes the hard part…where do I even start? I guess I can start off with how these two very sweet people met. Shu Shu a super bubbly, sweet woman (from China) met her shy, handsome and also super sweet man Chinthaka (from Sri Lanka) while roller blading here in Ontario!!! How Crazy is that? Ok I guess its not so crazy since we are a multicultural society but I still think its cool.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shu Shu last summer when she contacted me in regards to her wedding. Unfortunately Chinthaka was unable to join us as he was living in Edmonton for a new position he was recently offered. Shu Shu was so excited to tell me about the details of their small intimate wedding and how she can’t wait to hear back from a job she had applied for in Edmonton so that she no longer had to do Skype dates with her love!

We set out to do their engagement session only 3 days before they were to be married. As you see Shu Shu did get that job she was hoping for and both of them were coming in from Edmonton to be married that saturday. We had agreed on the Paletta House in Burlington as the E session sight and I was super excited……until the big black clouds rolled in only 1 hour before their session.

I rigged up the ugliest ziplock bag contraption to protect my camera from the rain as this session had to go on…..rain or shine! I would have to say that these two love birds brought the sun shine with them because as soon as we pulled into the parking lot the clouds parted and out came the sun (and dried up all the rain so the ritzy bitzy…..ok I’ll stop lol)

It is with great pleasure to share with all of you this beautiful session of a beautiful couple! Enjoy and stay tuned for their wedding post to hit soon ;)


Yours in blog & photog,


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Paying it forward and the people who deserve it!

Back in the winter I had a little contest on my Facebook page asking my fans, friends and clients to nominate someone they felt would love to have a free session done by me. I have to say that I got a lot of response from this and because of that I WILL be doing this again.

Now I want to clear something up right here and now. I am not going to be doing this again for a publicity, it actually felt really good to be able to offer the gift of captured memories to someone deserving. To some this may not have been a big gift to win but to the person I chose as the winner…let me tell you it meant the world to them.

This nomination came from a very loyal client of mine and after reading her email I was literally in tears….like I needed to wash my face from the mascara running down it. She had nominated one of her mothers best friends, Jody.

Let me tell you a bit about Jody’s story. Besides being an absolutely sweet heart Jody is the mother of a beautiful little girl named Maeve, who just happens to be one day older than my son :) She is also the step mother to two other beautiful young girls. Now Maeve is a true blessing to Jody. Jody and her husband had been trying for a baby for years but with no luck, until the very happy day they discovered they were expecting. Shortly after Maeve’s arrival tragedy struck Jody’s whole family. Her husband Steve had been involved in a fatal car accident injuring his one daughter and taking his life. I cannot even imagine the pain, sadness and the feeling of being lost Jody and her family had to endure.

I know happiness is found upon Maeve’s face every time Jody looks into her big blue eyes but the reminder is always there that Maeve’s daddy is now looking at her from above. I know my gift of a free photo session can not bring Steve back but what I was hoping it would do is celebrate the beautiful little girl the two of them created together and allow Jody to smile at the memories made during the session.

Now I did split this session in two parts for Jody. The first was a mini birthday session for Miss Maeve and the second session happened a few weeks ago down at the beach in the form of a Mommy & Me as well as allowing Maeve’s sisters join in the fun. Here are a few of my favourite from this very special session to not only me but to Jody as well.

Jody thank you for allowing me to give you this gift. I can still remember me telling you over the phone that you won. You had mentioned that you were having a bad day and this news just made it that much better. Thank you for the shared tears of happiness and I am so happy that I was able to meet you and your wonderful family!!

Yours in blog & photog


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